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A system keeps us safe with simplicity
  • Accurate, contactless and affordable temperature screening

  • Meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency

  • Specially designed and calibrated for contactless skin temperature measurement

  • The optional reference heat source for higher accuracy

  • Perfect for lobbies, hallways, and other key access points

  • Plug and play tool-less set up

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  • Automatic temperature measurement, capable of 24-hour continuous playback

  • Supports voice linkage, and has an alarm alert when detecting a person with a fever

  • Capable of producing a snapshot of the human face during temperature measurement

  • Provides an alert for people with no mask

  • Supports real-time info including the total number of people measured, the number of people counted normal, and number of people out of the desired range

  • Supports exporting of data

  • Abnormal temperature alert 


This model is a combination of a digital face recognition device and an access control terminal. It features a precise and fast recognition rate, has a large storage capacity, and integrates the two technologies of face recognition and non-contact temperature detection. This model is capable of sending alerts for variances in either body temperature or facial recognition of a subject. It can be utilized in scenarios such as schools, office building entrances, hospitals, and scanning areas with important access points.


  • TI-ITC600 Equipped with a blackbody, enabling temperature measurement accuracy of < 0.3*C

  • Supports automatic capture when an alarm is triggered providing evidence after an event

  • Can automatically calibrate body and surface temperature optimizing measurement accuracy

  • Supports historical query of alarm records

  • The complete system includes blackbody, camera, and software  

Frequently asked questions

What is Thermal Imaging Technology?

Thermal imaging is the process of using the temperature of an object to produce an image. Thermal imagers work by detecting and measuring the amount of infrared radiation that is emitted and reflected by objects or people to visually render temperature. A thermal camera makes use of a device known as a microbolometer to pick up this energy just outside the range of visible light, and project it back to the viewer as a clearly defined image.

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